Michelle Tsujimoto

Musculoskeletal Therapist

  • About New Manual Articular Approach

    [ARTICULAR: Of or relating to joints]


    This style of Osteopath-developed work not only looks at the obvious joint components (the bones and muscles) but looks at the elements that control the health and alignment of a joint: nerves, circulation, ligaments, joint capsule, and the related organs (Yes! Organs have a direct relationship joints). This is a wholistic approach to treatment because it is addressing  the WHY? aspect of joint misalignment and dysfunction…why does a joint go “out of place”.



    Particularly with joint pain, symptoms can be referred pain from another part of the body, so it is highly important that  a therpist has the ability to evaluate these relationships, and the techniques to treat these factors.


    The priority in treatment should always be finding the cause of a symptom, not just treating the symptom. Two signs that a joint problem has its cause elsewhere are: if treatment to the problematic joint itself provides only temporary relief and needs to be frequently ‘adjusted’; and/or treatment increases pain levels for long periods.




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