Michelle Tsujimoto

Musculoskeletal Therapist

  • About Craniosacral Therapy

    [CRANIOSACRAL:  Relating to the Brain, Spinal Cord, the Cerebrospinal Fluid and Dural Membranes (surrounding the brain and spinal cord); the Sympathetic Nervous System; and the joints and nerves of the cranium and spine]


    Craniosacral Therapy is an Osteopath-developed technique involving gentle assessment and treatment of the structures of the Craniosacral System. The Brain and Spinal Cord are the core parts of the Nervous System, so any restrictions in and around these structures has a major impact on the body. Restrictions of the Craniosacral System often manifest as physical symptoms, but also may present as psychological symptoms.


    The treatment is typically relaxing for clients, although that is not the prime motivation behind the treatment.



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