Michelle Tsujimoto

Musculoskeletal Therapist

  • About  Michelle


    A long-held interest in health and natural therapies, and a desire to work with people in a holistic and hands-on way led Michelle to commence her training in various Massage Therapies in 1982.


    To this day  she undertakes regular intensive trainings to update her skills and knowledge. Her post-graduate training  has taken her skills well beyond standard Massage Therapies to have a deep understanding of the ailments of the human body.


    Michelle has been in private practice since 1987; taught musculoskeletal techniques for diploma-level massage students for many years at the Australian College of Tactile Therapies and the Natural Health Academy; and has written several extensive, highly researched study books for these students. Currently, she is a Teaching Assistant for the international organisation -The Barral Institute, in the areas of Visceral Manipulation and Neural Manipulation.


    Michelle is passionate about her work and ongoing study; and making a difference in her clients' lives by assisting people in returning to a state of the best functioning and health as possible.


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    In her career she has studied a great variety of treatment techniques ranging from the very “physical” methods of Trigger Point, Sport Massage and Remedial Massage, to the more “energetic” styles such as Polarity Therapy and Psychoperistaltic Massage.


    While she may not currently use all of the techniques she has studied in their pure form, they have all played an important part in how she understands the body, pain and dysfunction. The biggest influences on her approach these days are the osteopath-developed techniques such as Visceral (organ)/Vascular (blood vessel)/Neural (nerve) Manipulation; Manual Articular Approach; Muscle Energy Technique; Craniosacral Therapy; Myofascial Release; Positional Release and Polarity Therapy. These teachings in particular have been monumental in her attentive, respectful, and wholistic approach that is combined with an extremely in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology.


    Over her years in the field she has worked under the umbrella of several esteemed clinics: Skin Care Clinic; School of Natural Aesthetics; Adelaide Physical Care Group; Physio Direct; Australian College of Tactile Therapies; Natural Health Academy; Myofascial Release Centre and The Wellness Oasis.


    Recently moved from Adelaide to live and work in the Barossa Valley, she is ready to bring her vast skills, knowledge and experience to the local community.